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    Why did the url change to Trockenblumengrosshandel.de?

    Because we are a partner of Trockenblumen Grosshandel and use the same stock.
    To make it possible to communicate with the same back-end, the solution was to redirect the user to the German version of Trockenblumengrosshandel.de. It could happen that you'll find the German name in other communication as well.

    How long does it take for my order to be shipped?

    Since August 2022 we no longer have fixed shipping days. We aim to dispatch your order within 48 hours.

    VAT is not included in the prices. Is it correct that way?

    We are a Dutch company focused on the German market. In international trade, the VAT is usually passed on to the customer.

    Can I order dried flowers that are not listed in the webshop?

    Yes, that is also possible. You can buy dried flowers as well as selected fresh products via request flowers order.

    What can I do if I am dissatisfied with the delivered product?

    If the flowers are not to your liking, we will do our best to find a suitable solution for you. If this does not work, you will get your money back.

    I want to place a large order. How does it work?

    If you want to place orders larger than 300 bunches total, or more than 30 bunches per variety, you can best Contact record, tape.

    You say you are cheap, but the trade has the same prices, or even lower prices. How can that be?

    That is of course possible. In this flower trade it depends on the quality. We only deliver high quality.

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    We believe that every florist should be able to display dried flowers without having to pay a lot of money for logistics, middlemen, or large minimum purchases.

    driedflowerwholesale.eu brings both worlds together and delivers individually compiled boxes at graduated prices.