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    Terms and Conditions

    - Public holidays

    – Shipping and defects

    – damage and breakage

    – VAT

    – products

    Public holidays Packages will not be packed and shipped during the holidays. If a package has been dispatched and there is a public holiday during the dispatch process, the delivery time may not be met. Of course we cannot do anything about that and therefore exclude these cases with regard to our delivery time of 3-5 days.

    Shipment: We use the latest shipping times, namely within 48 hours (working days). Of course we aim to send a package on the day of the order. In the event of a shortage, Dried Flower Wholesale will determine whether the product is available in stock or:

    – The package will be sent later

    – The money for the defect will be refunded via the same payment method

    - There will be a back order

    A deficiency can have various causes, namely:

    – Stock difference due to incorrect numbers in the boxes shipped to us

    – Product quality insufficient, therefore do not send

    – Damage to the product

    The customer is responsible for the correct specification of the delivery address; in the event of an error, the additional costs will be borne by the customer. The package will need to be resent with additional shipping cost.

    Damage and breakage:

    We pack the flowers carefully. In case of breakage during the shipping process, we will refund the damage after providing clear photos.


    We charge a surcharge for customers without a sales tax identification number. Customers without a valid DEnr can order from us, but only if they run a small business. Then a surcharge in the amount of VAT will be charged. We do not deliver private.


    Despite our careful product description, a product can differ from the description or the photo. This is of course within certain limits of what is tolerable or not. The specified weight can also deviate up or down.

    If you see an anomaly, we'd love for you to report it.